Мы дома, нас выписали! Огромное спасибо тысячам людей, кто желал Джиму всего самого наилучшего! 🤗 Он написал вам это письмо.👇 ⠀

Hey all, well as some have heard I spent a few days in the hospital. The purpose of my visit — coronary artery bypass surgery. I am fifty two years old, go to the gym and work hard on my yard, not overweight.. and yet here I am. Yay fun? Not. I do not live a perfectly fit lifestyle, I like my scotch. I like puffing on my cigars. I like steak! All of that fun now must come to an end. Like literally, or I’m dead at an early age. The one thing I had no control over — family genetics. My dad had issues and most of the men on his side of my family didn’t get past 70. Such is life. I have the information I need and know what I need to do, and I have a very bossy lady who loves me endlessly by my side who will make sure I do what’s right!

Today I head back home with some bitchin’ new scars and pretty heavy shit to come to terms with. I’m optimistic I can do this! Bonus — the tattoo possibilities on a twelve inch left radial arterial harvesting scar are fucking epic! 😁

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes!

Laura, you get the best fucking sister ever award!

Lena, babe words can’t describe how I feel for you. 😘😘😘 I’m gonna stop here cause I’m tearing up and can’t see my screen. Time to get to work!

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